All Treatment that we offer...


  • All-on-4® single Jaw in Resin
  • All-on-4® single Jaw in Zirconia
  • All-on-6® single Jaw in Metal-Porcelain


  • Anti bruxism bite
  • Mobile Appliance
  • Fixed appliance with ceramic or sapphire brackets
  • Clear invisalign aligners

Conservative dentistry

  • Oral hygiene
  • Oral Hygiene air flow
  • Tooth decay and filling treatment
  • Single-root root canal therapy
  • Multi-root root canal therapy
  • Laser teeth whitening

Removable prostheses

  • Mobile resin prosthesis
  • Morbit mobile prosthesis
  • Skeletal prosthesis

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Gum Correction

Oral surgery

  • Titanium dental implant
  • Abutment for the dental crown
  • Maxillary sinus lift
  • Tooth position bone augmentation
  • Simple tooth extraction
  • Class 1 wisdom tooth extraction
  • Class 2 wisdom tooth extraction
  • Class 3 wisdom tooth extraction

Fixed dental prostheses

  • Metal Ceramic Crown
  • Zirconium capsule crown
  • Full ceramic crown Emax
  • Full ceramic veneer Emax
  • Titanium dental implant with metal ceramic crown
  • Titanium dental implant with with Zirconium crown
  • Titanium dental implant with Emax integral ceramic crown